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Finally, I want to thank my parents for their support — from purchasing books, keeping me company at museums, giving critical advice on my writing, and, most importantly, always encouraging me onwards.

Before starting this blog, I drew, I painted, and I enjoyed visiting museums, but I knew little of the histories of my medium nor the works of art and artists I beheld. This all changed, however, when the pandemic hit. In my newfound spare time, I began diving into art history by reading books and researching online, and what started as a way to overcome boredom eventually blossomed into the creation of Elizabeth's Art Review.

Welcome to Elizabeth's Art Review!

Through my posts, I want to share my learning, my observations, and, most importantly, the joy of viewing art. I hope that by writing from a student's and not an expert's perspective, I can share with you not a comprehensive, chronological overview but simply a peer's continual exploration of art's infinite forms and changes. As a college student studying math, I am also deeply interested in how the worlds of art and science interact and mutually inspire each other to develop and change in unexpected ways. Despite studying STEM, art and art history remain integral to my coursework and life. 

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